About the company

With its head office in Gdynia, DLF Sp. z o.o. specialises in sales of advanced products from Hi-tech, robotics, and household sectors via various sales channels leading to the customer.

The company wants to provide its customers with the highest quality in order to improve their lives. For Polish market, DLF is a source of inspiration, innovation, and advanced approach to trade.

DLF Sp z o.o.'s business operations date back to 1993 when Mr Sławomir Radacki, President of the Board, established a commercial company and determined its mission would focus on provision of life-improving products to the customers.

Managing Board


Sławomir Radacki
President of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

Jarosław Milewski
Executive President of the Board
Financial and Administrative Manager

Arkadiusz Grochowski
Member of the Board
Sales & Marketing Director


Mission and prospect

Developing the ideas which improve the lives of our customers and our own lives.

Continuous development of strong and positive ties with our customers, through provision of the most advanced solutions.


  • Provision of solutions ahead of the present day
  • Loyalty and partnership in co-operation
  • Building a well-integrated team


Today the company is an authorised importer or distributor of:

American manufacturer, pioneer and leader in the area of cleaning robots.
Swiss manufacturer of air hygiene equipment.
Global leader of lane mowing robot manufacturers.
American manufacturer, pioneer and leader in the area of slow-cooking devices.
Reliable air cleaner.
Spanish kitchen robot based on induction technology.
Multiple-purpose cleaning device.
Mobile device for pearl-ozone bathing.
Professional system for dry steam ironing.
Breville is an Australian manufacturer and marketer of small kitchen appliances.
The FoodSaver® Brand is the market leader in the vacuum packaging category in the housewares industry, manufacturing and marketing a full line of FoodSaver appliances, bags, rolls and accessories. FoodSaver is a brand of Jarden Consumer Solutions.

Trade partners

DLF Sp. z o.o. supplies the goods to the largest electrical and IT multiple chains in Poland: RTV EURO AGD, Media Markt, Saturn, MEDIA EXPERT, KOMPUTRONIK. DLF Sp. z o.o. co-operates with ACTION S.A. wholesale dealer and other trade partners and prominent shopping centres in Poland.



Certificates and awards

As a stable and trustworthy company, DLF has been repeatedly honoured with certificates and awards such as:

Certificate of High Quality Customer Service 2015 DLF was awarded for the highest standards of customer service. The prize was granted after customer satisfaction survey. High Quality Customer Service
Certificate of Business Credibility awarded to the companies featuring the highest financial stability evaluation by D&B, an international credit agency. Certificate of Business Credibility
Title of Reliable Company: Since 2010, DLF Sp. z o.o. has incessantly taken part in Reliable Company Program making available a plurality of data to demonstrate its trustworthiness. It acquired Golden Certificate of Reliability. x
Reliable in Business, a statuette awarded by the National Records of Debts and Reliable Company for the highest standards in maintaining the consistency with reliable and transparent rules of business operations. x
Three titles of Business Gazelle granted by Puls Biznesu review. gazele



Data on the company

  • HEAD OFFICE: 81-529 GDYNIA, ul. Inżynierska 87
  • Entry Number KRS: 0000122929
    District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, 8th Department of Trade
  • Tax Identity Number NIP: 586-20-86-226
  • Corporate Identity Number REGON: 192757317
  • INITIAL CAPITAL: 917.000 PLN, fully paid
  • BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER (PLN): Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
    62 1750 1022 0000 0000 0162 1548
  • BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER (EUR): Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. 

    PL 51 1750 1022 0000 0000 0291 7181
  • BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER (USD): Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. 

    PL 56 1750 1022 0000 0000 0316 7739